Automatic Drum Filling Machine

Specifications for Automatic Filling Machine

  • The total automation of the drum entry,
    demounting and filling of caps, capping,
    and pallet stocking
  • Possible to select and fill a product with the
    one touch when selecting multiple filling valves
  • Possible to display the number of filled drums
    and the total quantity of filling
  •  Various options such as the long nozzle,
    fastened protected cover, and ink jet printer
  • Possible to select the explosion proof or
    non-explosion proof depending on the site
  • Selecting the automatic dip tray blocking any
  • The automatic warning device such as
    mounting and demounting of caps and the error of the
    inlet position
  •  Unmanned full automatic drum filling and
  • Filling the materials harmful to workers
  • Filling all types of liquid from the high
    viscosity to the low viscosity he site with bad conditions such as high
    temperature, gas, and steam

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